senses working against you.

languishing in the heat and tripping out on the sunshine. digging this as the soundtrack to long evenings of flat viewings and disappointment.

just another night owl.

Don't need your number, babe, but I'll take it anyway.

magic hour.

trip the light fantastic and ride the rainbow waves with me.

I sit in the car and listen to static. She said I look fat but I look fantastic.

This track fully gives me vibes for days. Eyes closed, DGAF dance in the street with it loudly in my headphones kind of vibes.

you make loving fun.

Lust vs. Love? Please discuss.

at least once a week I fully miss MySpace

Like what would my profile song be RN?

Also I don't think I'd have too much of a problem picking my top 8 these days. The late 20's friendship cull is real. 

one in a million.

loner vibes.

throw a party.

You keep your friends. I'll keep my friends.

feelings pt 1.

Goodbyes are only hard when you don't want to leave.


she's in parties

it's been a while but she's back.

summer of 2016 I am in you.

don't be gone too long '15

dressed like a retired Florida gran, crossed with a small boy, for thrills.

hat WeSC

jacket Blue Collar Worker

t-shirt cos

jeans NEXT

shoes Clarks

bag Pittards England

every second counts.

March through April 2015 has been the busiest I've ever been in a working environment. nearing burnout. send help.

post summer days.

September days spent snooping and snapping with my two best babs Chris and Becci. From Hackney to Central to Ally Pally, fun making and photo taking was our only plan.

and all the things you might do.

complementary colours.
orange dress from Primark. blue art on walls in Shoreditch.

i see you.

dreamy summer vibes from The Horrors.

how does your garden grow.

I wish we had a garden we could fill with flowers. If only just a small patch to call my own and pepper with petals and pretty.

rooftop monochrome and mister mordecai

just me and Mister Moedecai Miaow Miaows hanging out above the Hackney rooftops.
been wearing A LOT of black and white this summer time so it's nice to accessorise with orange. he's my colour pop!

have found it hard to wear anything but these white Next sandals they are so comfy and a stylish steal at £30. I also treated myself to this ASOS kimono I love how it drapes and it's oversized look - I feel like a chic wizard when I wear it haha.

trying to not dwell.

on what's not happening and focus on what is.

also i finally arrived at the instagram party. come celebrate with me.

i keep forgetting.

i'm not in love anymore.
i keep forgetting things will never be the same again

Midweek meeting followed by cocktails at The Billing Office in the St Pancras Hotel and then beers and burgers from Honest with my boy shape.

stripe frill crop top from ASOS
slouch boyfriend jeans NEXT
canvas boots CHOCKERS
vintage charm necklace with MI MONEDA pendant

fashion 5 minutes.

something quite incredible happened. i got featured in my favourite fashion weekly, GRAZIA. i was spotted by the Style Hunter whilst i was working at The Stylist's Rail, March event at The Hoxton Hotel. i don't particularly like the picture, my hair looks awful but at least my legs are tanned so seems fine.

pinafore - ASOS
blouse - Uniqlo
glasses - Specsavers
boots - Truffle

the lovely Phil Taylor (aka The Style Hunter) who spotted me also posted the picture on his blog - you can check out that and the rest of his snaps here.